Not everyone desires to be rescued. Some enjoy the show, some are lazy, some made peace, some found motivation, some like the usual, some find comfort, some ignore, some snore, some revel in ignorance, some love the drama, some like the pity, the attention.

Not everyone needs saving my darling.

Move on.

Rebel ❤️ Maverick

What if I told you,
Your silence speaks to mine,
I can feel your pain,

What if I told you,
I hold the cure,
To that bleeding heart,

I have the potions,
To purge you,
Of your nightmares,

What if I told you,
My monsters,
Want to befriend yours,

Would you stay,
The night,
And many more?

What if I told you,
I’ve felt restless,
Dreamt wild dreams like you,

Battled conformity,
Danced with unpredictability,
Walk untrodden roads like you,

What if I confessed oh maverick,
I’m in love with you, would you, oh would you,
Run wild and free, with a rebel like me?

To the moon

I walked that walk,
You asked me to take,
Convincing me that I was great,
And I’m flying to the moon just as you predicted,

Pushed me to give it my best,
No time to rest,
Must pass every test,
Work work work dawn to dusk,

Awards, applause,
Offers and gold,
Money and fame,
Coming my way,

But this heart’s trapped,
Like a lion in a cage,
This is not my home,
This ain’t my way,

Left my soul,
On that lonely road one day,
When you said,
Choose a career that pays,

Switched off the light inside me,
Walked crowded paths,
Illuminated, embellished,
By your incomplete dreams,

Today a corpse flies to the moon,
To bring home, gold and silver,
Without a soul, my beautiful soul,
That I left behind on that lonely road.


This heart has been barren,
For years to come,
Cruel plunderers,
Looted the beautiful stuff,

I had nothing to offer,
Except a barren land,
Which I found out last night,
Bloomed under the caress of your fingers,

Never felt such emotions,
Surging inside me since a while,
My world blossomed,
Like the earth does in spring,

Who are you?
What have you done to me?
Ever since we’ve met,
I’ve never been the same,

Don’t know if you’re a lover,
Or a pirate like the rest,
But you’ve brought me back,
Back from the dead,

Turned a lost world,
Into paradise,
You have my all,
Until you reveal your true colors.

Kiss of a fallen angel

Set out in search of heaven,
Or something like it,
They said no one’s seen it,
But keep an eye out for fallen angels,

A sinner I’d been,
Like everyone else,
Roaming the earth,
To redeem myself,

Fallen angels,
I never believed those legends,
Until I kissed the lips of one,
Last summer eve,

Those beautiful lips,
Showed me paradise,
The kind I’d imagined,
While doing my time in hell,

Found this exquisite creature,
Abandoned, bleeding and broken,
Punished for questioning good,
For refusing to fall in line,

Like water to parched earth,
We were drawn towards each other,
For only we understood,
The language of hearts on fire,

It thundered, it rained,
As our lips met,
God’s wrath,
We both faced,

Hearts aflame,
We melted into each other,
A sinner and a tainted saint,
Healed one another,

If redemption tasted this sweet,
Who needs heaven,
Damn, should’ve sinned, rebelled a million times,
Oh the kiss of a fallen angel, true paradise!

To the writer in us🍷🍷

Had all these feelings,
Brewing inside me,
To share or not to,
Questions troubled my mind,

Would I be judged,
Would someone understand,
This beautiful world inside me,
That blooms and sometimes erupts,

Tried to tell a few,
Failed to find the right words,
God these emotions inside!
That have no names,

So I walked on and on,
Plugging leaks inside me,
Crossing my fingers,
Hoping I don’t explode,

Put I, pen to paper,
Wrote a few lines,
Attempted haiku,
Short stories too,

But everytime I looked at my work,
I felt a tinge of disappointment,
I’d never be a Wordsworth,
A Frost, Shelley or Hemingway,

My English teacher’s bitter words,
Ran through my mind,
You terrible writer,
Your English sucks,

Somehow when I wrote,
Words flowed like a river,
Emotions had no names,
But I realised I wasn’t alone, others felt the same,

My imagination gave me wings,
Somedays I could rhyme,
No longer was I a boiling cauldron,
I was at peace inside,

You could call me,
A pop poet, an amateur writer,
A drifter, an attention seeker,
Refusing to honour the traditions of literature,

But I embraced my fears,
Cared a damn about being judged,
Released my repressed emotions
So you never have to feel lonely again,

And I’m every ordinary human being,
My voice, my identity,
My story, my life,
Also makes History.


Pockets full of silver,
Faux fur on my shoulders,
Love my brands,
I’m a glamour girl,

How luxurious it feels,
To be cocooned,
In fabric,
So soft and smooth,

I love the glitter,
Of yellow gold,
Sparkle of silver,
Throw in a few diamonds,
Some big pearls,

I’m a glamour gal,
I live queen size,
Turn up the air-conditioner,
Can’t ruin this new hairdo,

Oh what fun,
To be a woman,
Cosmetics, perfumes,
Designer handbags and shoes,

Play with color,
Create your own style,
You’re a star, babe,
A glamorous woman,

A glass of sparkling wine,
My BFFs, free WiFi,
Cards and cash,
Who needs a man?

The sheen of silk,
Velvet across my skin,
Bright lights, flash bulbs popping,
I’m a glamour gal, love the glitter,
Love the shine.

Childhood is so simple

They said color,
But inside the lines,
They said write,
But between two lines,

They said walk,
But in twos,
They said dress pretty,
But cover it all up silly,

They said study,
But that which makes money,
They said stand,
But in queues,

They said run,
But upto the red ribbon,
They said chat,
But not with strangers,

They said choose,
But consider us too,
They said love everyone,
But caste, gender, religion,
Bank accounts, location matters,

They said eat,
But my “list of eat”,
Is damn smaller,
Than my “list of don’t eat”,

They said give,
But dare you lose it all,
They said ask,
But don’t question,

They said change,
But don’t let go,
They said share,
But not with “others”,

They said everyone is born equal,
But invisible chains still exist,
They said colors are beautiful,
But some are evil,

They said no chemicals,
But the air I breathe, full of it,
They said believe,
But don’t use your heart you fool,

They said accept yourself,
But transform or you won’t fit,
They said don’t lie, cheat or steal,
But adults do it everyday,

Such confusing rules,
These adults create,
Why grow up?
Childhood’s so simple.

Love’s waiting for you

Hold my hand,
Under these blue blue skies,
Bend your rules,
Play with fire,

Let’s take a stroll,
In the wilderness,
Lose ourselves,
In the quietness,

No more games,
Your beautiful eyes,
They say it all,
Hush, our hearts know,

Tell me you want me,
For this life time,
Cast away your fears,
Believe me, when I say no more hurt,

Wrap your arms around me,
Let go of your pain,
This love is here to stay,
For ever by your side,

Hold my hand under these blue skies,
Tell me you’ll stay and watch me,
Break down these walls,
We built to keep us apart.

Neon dreams

Neon lights,
Dance across my body,
Music swirls around me,
DJ’s spinning it right,
Can’t stop dancing tonight,
I’ve got neon dreams,
Don’t wake me up,
Unless it’s sunrise,

Sweaty bodies,
Sway as one,
To wicked beats,
Purples, pinks, yellows, greens,
Neon lights bathe bodies tonight,
I’ve got neon dreams darling,
Don’t wake me up until sunrise,

Don’t care if you’ve got two left feet,
Don’t bother about tomorrow,
Doesn’t matter,
Your caste, creed, religion or gender,
This party’s for everyone,

Don’t be shy,
Or you’ll miss the fun,
Just jump in,
Show ’em your wicked moves,
Let these neon lights,
Wash away your blues,

Don’t wait up for me, love,
I’ve got neon fever,
Music is my only cure,
DJ is my saviour,
Can’t stop dancing tonight,
I’ve got neon dreams honey,
Wake me up at sunrise.