So you were fate’s hated child,
That castaway,
You stood in line,
For years,
Waiting patiently,
For your turn,
But she hated you,
From the very first time,
She laid her eyes on you,

Was it your looks,
Or faulty stars,
Never could figure out that one,
She just kept hating you,

So all your life,
Its one battle after next,
Challenges and more,
They never seem to end,

You question,
Look for loopholes,
You find none,
Everyone cruises by,
At one hundred and twenty miles per hour,
But you’re​ still stuck,
In a bullock cart,
Except, you are pulling the cart.


She sparkled,
Like diamonds, like gold,
She was the dopamine,
You were seeking,
To give you a high,
That warm body,
You needed so bad,
To calm your inner demons,
On lonely nights,

But she was wild,
Strong and free,
Your ego could never tie her down,
So you dug deep,
Inside her soul,
Looking for secrets,
To break her pride,
Scar her for life,

But every layer,
You peeled off,
There was strength,
And then some more,
Which wore you down,
Cracked you, as you ventured deep,

Her core was boiling hot,
Red, like molten lava,
T’was too late to go back,
Your pride egged you on,

It crackled and crumbled,
Your ego,
Burned quick,
She never waited,
To hear your screams,
She was a wild one,
But loved you with her all,
Didn’t hesitate to burn ya,
Leave ya once for all,

Thought you could hurt her,
Play around, then toss her,
She saw through those games,
Then burnt your playhouse,
And left without a trace,

She was a wild one,
Her heart full of love,
She would never be tamed.

Thought – inspiration

For every cannot do there is a can do,
For every I can’t there there an I can,
For every I won’t there is an I will,
For every I never there is an I may,
For every I don’t there is an I do,
For every I wish there is an I will,
For every I haven’t there is an I have,
For every I quit there is an I began,
All it takes is one teeny step forward,
And suddenly nays become yays 🙂


Sometimes you meet people, who make you laugh, cry, surprise you, amaze you, enthrall you, scare you, entertain you with stories, great stories about their struggles, their failures, their successes, their secret desires, their pain, their loneliness, their happiness, their sadness, those intimate moments when they felt emotions that they couldn’t explain. They make you feel connected to them through these stories like no one did ever and then they walk away, disappear, as if you never existed and all you are left with is an ocean of their memories, a vast ocean of tales.


Be kind even if you are hurt,
Be positive, even if negativity surrounds you,
Be strong, even if everyone else is weak,
Be good, even if evil is the only way,
Be happy, sadness always comes and goes,
Be energetic, even if the workload is more,
Love again, even if you​ were hurt,
Take a chance, even if the frightened heart says no,
Believe in yourself​, even if they call you worthless,
Fulfil your dreams, even if they are wild,
Because, people will judge you anyways,
But life, you’ve got just one,
And when it’s over,
There ain’t a second chance.

Difficult person? Nah, just an underdog waiting patiently for its place in the sun ;-)

You think you are difficult? That a few people hate you or that you are unpopular, bitter, incapable of social interactions, unworthy of love, friendships or relationships? But you are wrong. Difficult people exist all over the world and in different walks of life, at a work place, creative fields, families, organisations, relationships, etc. Everywhere. They exist everywhere. If there was a club for difficult people then you’d probably be just a low ranking member not even the president.

You only look at yourself as a difficult person through the eyes of others. Believe in you, not what you feel others think about you or how they label and define you.

And so work hard and fight for your dreams no matter how far they seem to be because you have only one life and your life is worth living.