Till then sing

His fingers pluck the strings,
I parted my lips to sing,
Hoping he’s going to join me,
A love song we’ll sing,

Summer summer summer,
Sun shining through canopies,
Birds singing in trees,
Leaves swaying in the breeze,

Oh he’s stringing the guitar,
I’m in love,
I can’t help myself,
Caught up in this feeling,

Until I notice notice,
It’s the backup singer,
His roving eye,
Fell upon that hot summer,

She’s pretty,
But she ain’t me,
Stupid girl,
You were singing a solo not a duet,

So what now,
Sing sing,
Let him string,
I sing for me,

Got a beat,
Life’s sweet,
I tell my soul,
Keep singing girl,

It’s summer, babe,
Let the bloke wander off,
One day you’ll find find,
Your kind kind

To croon a love duet,
Till then keep singing.


Dance with me

I notice her across the room,
Dressed in blue,

Such a pretty thing,
I’m afraid to hold her,

Fear my touch,
Will wrinkle her lovely dress,

Everytime she looks my way,
My heart skips a beat,

And I want to say this,
Hey pretty girl,

You look beautiful tonight,
Will you dance with me?

I don’t care,
If you have two left feet,

Just hold my hand,
And I’ll show you how,

I’m a shy guy,
With two dimes in my pocket,

But I’ll try my best,
To keep up with you,

I’ll love you like no other,
And someday buy you something nice,

Hey pretty girl,
Take a chance on me,

This night won’t last forever,
Neither will the music,

But if we don’t dance tonight,
I’ll regret this moment forever,

Hey pretty girl, if I asked you,
Would you dance, one dance, with this shy guy?


Got a dime in my pocket,
A pebble in another,

I have dreams,
Gold and green,

You may call me a fool,
But so is everyone else who dreams,

I’ve got no possessions,
No regrets, no questions,

Aimless wanderer,
They mock me,

But I am just a traveller,
In search of nourishment for my soul,

Got miles behind me,
Miles ahead of me,

A blue sky above,
The earth and patches of green grass below,

What becomes of tomorrow,
I don’t know,

Yesterday was left behind,
In the swirls of dust,

Today is such a beautiful day,
Today, is mine,

A song in my heart,
A smile on my lips,

I walk on,
Ready to embrace the unknowns.


Within each second,
Lies your past,
Your present,

Each second,
Gives you a chance,
To begin again,
Rebuild your future,

Nothing is truly lost,
Nothing really dies,
Everything you need,
Has always been within,

All it takes,
Is just one step,
Some faith,
A little confidence,

Do something awesome,
Make happy memories,
Wrestle life by its horns,
Love, like you’ve never loved at all,

You’ve got one life,
Make every second count,
Give it all you’ve got,
Live, don’t survive.